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Lit City – by Lynn Rosen

Julie Slavet reads books about nature

Julie Slavet is Executive Director of the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership, Inc.(TTF). They will be hosting an event with Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods and other books on February 28th. I spoke with Julie about her work and about why...

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Author Dara Horn’s Eternal Life

Dara Horn began her talk at Open Book Bookstore about her new novel, Eternal Life, by mentioning the comedian Mel Brooks. "You know the 2000-year-old man, right?" she asked.  The audience nodded. "Well, this book is about the 2000-year-old mom."  Despite Horn's jokes...

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Visiting the Big Box Bookstore B&N

My car is at the mechanic. Why am I telling you that in a blog that purports to be about books? While the mechanic worked on the car, I needed somewhere to wait. I said I would bring my computer along so I could do some work, but where could I sit?  He suggested that...

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Long Live the Indie Bookstore

In an article in The New York Times on December 28th, it was announced that bookstore chain Book World, based in Wisconsin and with 45 stores, is liquidating. The Times used this opportunity to bemoan the fate of brick & mortar bookstores and to predict their...

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The writing life of Laurie Halse Anderson

As part of our ongoing series of writing workshops, bestselling author Laurie Halse Anderson taught a writing class last week at Open Book Bookstore. Halse Anderson, who is known for her bestselling children's books, from the raw and powerful young adult...

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Meet the Running Press Editorial Team

Our new "Meet the Publisher" series at Open Book Bookstore was inaugurated recently by the fantastic editorial team at Running Press, a publisher located right here in Philadelphia. We were pleased and grateful to have in attendance four senior members of the team:...

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English to English Translation

by Lynn Rosen My husband likes to joke that he is my translator. Sometimes I say something and I think I’m being perfectly clear, and yet my message doesn’t get across. That’s when he jumps in and says: “What she means is…” Of course he doesn’t always get it right....

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Chatting with Amy Nathan about her new book

One of the best parts of being a bookseller is meeting authors, especially local authors. So when I heard that writer Amy Sue Nathan, a Philadelphia native living in Chicago, was moving back to the area, I was excited to meet her and introduce her to our bookstore,...

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Yes, that Jerry Spinelli!

Beloved children's author Jerry Spinelli visited Open Book Bookstore recently, and we had a wonderful visit! What a joy to see the faces of the kids looking at him as he spoke (and parents and teachers too)! He told great stories about how he came up with ideas for...

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