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Lit City – by Lynn Rosen

Vacation reading?

I'm on a short vacation right now, and if you could see the amount of reading material I brought with you, you might have a little laugh at my optimism. Never mind the pile of fashion and home décor magazines that I imagined I'd page through in leisurely moments. I'm...

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Don’t read that book!

I was at the library (more at another time on what I was doing at the library), and a woman I know fairly well walked by holding a book she was on her way to take out. I glanced down to see what it was, and saw that it was a novel by a writer I also know fairly well....

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The Hate U Give: a guest review of this major new YA book

We are pleased to have a guest review from Zhao Gu Gammage, one of our regular customers who is an avid reader. Zhao Gu is 14 years old and will be attending Cheltenham High School next year. She just finished reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, a new young adult...

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One of my favorite books

I first discovered Martha Cooley when I was working at Barnes & Noble in Park Slope, Brooklyn, in the late 90s. The store had a local authors section where I learned what a wealth of authors lived in the area. Now it’s almost a cliché to turn to the bio of some...

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Can Indie Bookstores Escape the Fate of Other Retail Outlets?

An article entitled "Is Retail at a Historic Tipping Point?" in The New York Times on Sunday, April 16th discussed how many retail outlets are suffering as a result of consumer moves toward online purchasing. According to the Times, 89,000 workers in General...

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Three recent unsatisfying reads

Sometimes I read books I love (like the recent debut novel Idaho by Emily Ruskovich), sometimes I read books I quickly realize I do not like and I stop reading after a few chapters or even pages, and sometimes there are books that fall in between these two poles. They...

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Reading YA

I love picking new books for Open Book Bookstore. In doing this for over two years now, I’ve had to gain expertise in some new categories. I’ve enjoyed, for example, exploring the world of children’s picture books. There are so many choices, with such beautiful art...

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Books in the news and the news through books

Every season when I pick the novels we’ll read in my Hot Off the Press class, I wade through a big pile of books. It’s usually challenging to narrow down the choices for the class, and I often wish we could discuss more than one book a month. This time, for our first...

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