7900 High School Rd, Elkins Park, PA

DATE: Saturday, November 18

TIME: 5pm to 6:30pm

PLACE: Private home in Elkins Park, PA

Martha Cooley’s spectacular first novel, The Archivist, is a powerful read. A young woman’s impassioned pursuit of a sealed cache of T. S. Eliot’s letters lies at the heart of this emotionally charged novel — a story of marriage and madness, of faith and desire, of jazz-age New York and Europe in the shadow of the Holocaust. The Archivist was a word-of-mouth bestseller and one of the most jubilantly acclaimed first novels of recent years.


Join us as we sit down with Martha Cooley (and a glass of wine!) and discuss this intense, complicated, and thoughtful novel. You’ll gain insights into this powerful work, as well as have the always-wonderful opportunity for conversation with an author!

COST for Happy Hour with an Author: $30
Happy hour plus a copy of the book: $45


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