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One Book, One Organization

Many cities have successfully initiated and run “One Book, One City” programs as a great way to build and unify community by having a group come together for discussion about a meaningful book they have all read. Open Book is proud to launch the “One Book, One Organization” program to help you bring the team-building and enriching experience of community-based reading to your employees.

Open Book Bookstore will help you launch and run this program. We will:

  • Help you choose a book that is relevant to your mission and your business interests;
  • Provide the books for your employees at a discounted price:
  • Offer options for workshops and book discussion groups led by experienced book discussion facilitator Lynn Rosen.

Open Book has knowledge of and access to a wide range of books, and we will recommend titles that will benefit your employees, that they will enjoy reading, and that will create a productive and enriching group discussion. Through our relationships with publishers and our well-known expertise at facilitating book events and discussions, we will take your group through the entire lifecycle of a successful “One Book, One Organization” program.

For more information about how to kick off “One Book, One Organization” at your place of business, contact Lynn Rosen at lynn@openbookphilly.com or 215-360-5382.

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