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One Book, One Team

The corporate “One Book, One Team” shared reading program enhances teambuilding, reduces turnover, and encourages innovative thinking through the enriching experience of a community-shared reading program.

By introducing shared reading, your employees will not only learn from the content of the book, but will gain even more by analyzing the book in facilitated discussions together with their colleagues.

Open Book will help you launch and run this program. We will:

  • Help you choose a book that is relevant to your mission and your business interests;
  • Provide the books for your employees at a discounted price:
  • Offer options for workshops and book discussion groups led by experienced facilitators.

Open Book has knowledge of and access to a wide range of books, and we will recommend titles that will benefit your employees, that they will enjoy reading, and that will create a productive and enriching group discussion. Through our relationships with publishers and our well-known expertise at facilitating book events and discussions, we will take your group through the entire lifecycle of a successful “One Book, One Team” program.

For more information about how to kick off “One Book, One Team” at your place of business, contact Lynn Rosen at lynn@openbookphilly.com or 215-360-5382 and request a copy of our flyer and pricing sheet.

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