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Booked Up: The Open Book Monthly Subscription Book Club

Sign up for a monthly dose of literature. Join our club and you will receive a book a month carefully chosen for you by the loving literary minds who curate the collection at the Open Book Bookstore. We’ll send you books that are decidedly different, original, well-written, and compelling reads. Treat yourself to terrific books that we will choose for you.

You can also treat other readers in your life with a gift subscription to our “Booked Up” book club. Membership makes a great gift!  Your gift recipient will think of you with gratitude every month when they receive their carefully chosen selection.

Our debut club is “Lynn’s List.” These selections will be literary fiction that meet the standards of publishing expert, teacher, and bookstore owner Lynn Rosen for stories that are well-told and that do something interesting and unique in terms of their literary style. For yourself or as a gift, our new “Booked Up” book club will deliver remarkable reads that you won’t find in ordinary collections!


How it works:

Step 1: Join the club!
Booked Up membership options include 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month memberships. (Pricing info is listed below.) Our debut club is “Lynn’s List,” and focuses on literary fiction. We’ll be adding additional clubs in the near future featuring other genres.

Step 2: Reap the Rewards!
Each month you will receive a book, a letter from us on why we chose the book, and a changing variety of other small surprises.

Here are the details…

Joining up:
When you register for Booked Up, you will decide the duration of your membership. As we noted above, you may choose a three- or six-month membership or a full year. At the time of registration, you will input your credit card information and we will bill you (prices listed below).

We will ship our books at the beginning of each month.  As soon as you join, you’ll be added to the next available mailing.
Note: the “Lynn’s List” club launches on July 1, 2017. Place your order by June 23 to get the July selection.

You may cancel your membership at the end of your term (although we hope you won’t want to do that!). If you elect not to make any changes, your membership will renew automatically at the end of each term. We are not able to make any cancellations during the term of the membership. If you purchase a gift subscription, we’ll check with you before we renew.

What If:
What if you’ve already read the book we send you? Well, we will go to great lengths to make sure you’re getting a choice that’s anything but run-of-the-mill. It it does happen to be something you already read, perhaps you’ll enjoy revisiting it, or giving it to a dear friend and then you can have a discussion about it! But if you really want/need to make a switch, return the book to us in perfect salable condition on or before the 15th of the month, and we will have an alternate selection for you.

Other changes:
If you want to change your mailing address or your credit card, or if you have any other questions, just email us at lynn@openbookphilly.com.

TERM                               COST

3 MONTH                         $54

6 MONTH                         $105

ONE YEAR                       $204

Note: A shipping & handling charge of $4 per monthly shipment will be added to each order at checkout.

With questions, email lynn@openbookphilly.com

“Lynn’s List” Monthly Book Club

Our Current Selection

Here’s a teaser about our July selection…

We debut “Lynn’s List” with the newest book by a writer I have long admired. This writer’s books meticulously describe the everyday lives of regular folks and, in doing so, show us the powerful currents that run under the most seemingly ordinary of lives. In addition, this author is known for a particular milieu: the Irish-American family. If this writer is a new discovery for you, it will bring you to a rich new literary world. And if you’ve read any of this writer’s earlier books, this newest one will astound you with the world it builds and with its quiet power.
P.S. Breaking news: After you read this book, you won’t have to wait long for the author’s next book, which is due to be published in September!

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